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18/05/2003 - Getcontrol is not dead! After being idle a long long time while i was fixing a lot of stuff in Gstreamer. I m back with this release which is a first draft of Gstreamer integration. I learned a lot and will now work hard on making Getcontrol a much better software.
28/10/2002 - Project moved to Mailing lists are now available. Anon cvs access will come soon...
27/10/2002 - I am currently working on Gstreamer integration. 0.1.7 should be able to play divx from cdrom in both fullscreen and windowed mode ! One screenshot here
27/10/2002 - Getcontrol announced on !
20/10/2002 - New screenshots available from Getcontrol 0.1.6 !
20/10/2002 - Getcontrol 0.1.6 released. Check it from download section !
16/10/2002 - Getcontrol website moves to a new server. That's fuckin' fast now !
07/10/2002 - Getcontrol 0.1.5 tarball available in download section
07/10/2002 - Tada Getcontrol's website just born :-)

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